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The event was born out of a strong burden to offer support to hotel businesses and provide information and resources to stakeholders, owners and operators of hotel businesses in this challenging and demanding season. The effect of the pandemic may be overwhelming but we feel that it is also a clarion call to all of us to rethink and innovate as such reposition our businesses to deliver more value to consumers in the hospitality industry. The information provided in this conference will give you a head start to bounce back as you open your doors again. We reached out to our friends within the industry in other countries that are already recovering from the pandemic and they shared amazing insights with us. We had panelists from Doha, Kenya, Germany, etc. and from the feedback that we got, many people got a lot of value. Today, most stakeholders are looking for information that is direct and practicable and in this conference, actionable information was shared by the panelists. These are some of the things that  were discussed:

  • Strategies to gain attention online
  • Cost Management Tips
  • What hotel managers should focus on now
  • How to get productivity from employees
  • Smart Marketing tips
  • Safety Protocols
  • Govt. Intervention
  • Staff Training Opportunities

Due to the persistent demand from participants and others, we decided to make available the replay of the conference for a token of =N=10,300/ $27. The conference was FREE, however, if you seek to have a copy of the resources, we will require a small token from you. The video will only be available at this price for only a limited period of time. Please click the link below now to gain access and download your copy today. Download video here:

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