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Your Job Search Checklist:

Step One: Start your job search checklist with you.
___ Make a list of your interests, strengths and skills.
___ Make a list of your academic, volunteer and work experience.
___ Write a brief statement explaining why you are an excellent worker.

Step Two: Figure out where you want to work.
___ Write down a few jobs or careers you would enjoy.
___ Write down ten companies that you would enjoy working for in those fields.
___ Know what kind of job you’re qualified for: entry-level, management, skilled work, etc.
___ Know your limits: salary requirements, geographic location, hours, etc.

Step Three: Get everything you need for an interview.
___ Use the lists you made in step one to make a resume.
___ Use the lists you made in step one to write a basic cover letter.
___ Find three people who can be your references.
___ Plan answers to common interview questions or attend a mock interview.
___ Have at least one very nice, professional-looking “interview” outfit.
___ Create a short speech designed to sell yourself to employers.
___ Make sure your voicemail message and email address are both professional.

Step Four: Search for jobs!
___ Make specific searches for work online using job search engines.
___ Upload your resume with job search engines online.
___ Go to local places of employment and drop off a resume and cover letter.
___ Seek out career fairs and company recruiters.
___ Use your friends or network of contacts to search for employment.
___ Follow-up on every job you find as soon as possible.

Step Five: Be proactive.
___ Tailor your resume and cover letter to each job you submit them for.
___ Always call employers for an interview after submitting your resume and cover letter.
___ Always call or email employers just to say thank you after an interview.
___ Consult your job search checklist frequently to make sure you are staying on track.

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