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We’ve put together a step by step guide with resource materials to help you stay organized throughout each phase of finding a new opportunity, including how to prepare all of your documents, set up your online presence for success and knowing how to answer any interview question you may get.

Prepare your online presence

1.Optimize your social media profiles

Spend some time updating all of your social media profiles to give recruiters and employers the best impression of you. Make sure there are no images or posts that you wouldn’t want your future employer to see.

2.Create your Rehoboth Recruiters profile.

When you fill out your Rehoboth Recruiters profile, it will help you be matched to employers that have the culture, values and perks you are interested in. You can also receive recommended job alerts that will help ease the process of searching for openings you are qualified for.

Organize your documents

3.Update your resume

Open your most recent resume and make sure that you have your latest job included.  Do the formatting and design seem appropriate? Should you make multiple versions to tailor it to specific job titles?

4.Prepare a few cover letter templates

Often times, we’re not sure how to differentiate a cover letter from our resumes, because it feels like the same information goes in both. You should tailor each cover letter based on the specific skills for each job opportunity.

Activate your network 

5.Reach out to connections and let them know you’re looking

Of course, during job hunting, you’ll have to spend a lot of time looking through job boards and company websites, but you can also let people know you’re looking. You never know when a former colleague, mentor, boss, or friends know of an opportunity and could help you get your foot in the door.

Nail the interviews 

6.Practice makes perfect

Prepare yourself the night before for both in-person and virtual interviews by picking out the appropriate outfit, practicing your answers to questions and jotting down questions of your own to ask.

7.Follow up to show your interest

Sending a thank you follow up email can go a long way to increase your chances of getting a callback. Make sure to send a personalized thank you 24 hours after you speak with someone to show them your interest and efforts. This also includes anyone you network with.

Via HR Careers. 


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