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“Research is always important but especially in E-Commerce. Understanding what it is the customer is looking for rather than creating and delivering something simply because you like it.”

This quote, in combination with a discussion on the growing number of E-commerce opportunities within business and Hospitality and the personal stories of Tim and Andrei who have made E-commerce their full-time job. Sharing their insights from both drop shipping, reselling as well as designing and actually creating products themselves. Simultaneously helping to answer the question: how E-Commerce will play a role in the future of business? And whether a hybrid version of on- and offline retail could become the new normal? If you are curious, then listen to this episode of the Hospitality Unsettled podcast—Starring co-Founder of Mura Muna Andrei Pavelescu and E-commerce specialist Tim Blok.

About the Hospitality Unsettled Podcast

The Hospitality Unsettled Podcast is a student-driven podcast where every week, we explore the role of hospitality in topics where you least expect it. Additionally, we sit together with both current and future leaders to find out how they see developments in their industry and their impact on the future of Hospitality.

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