While you are checking in, there are a number of questions that you may want to ask the receptionist. Here are 20 of the most common questions that are asked in a hotel. Have you ever needed to ask any of these questions?


  1. What time is breakfast?
  2. Is breakfast included?
  3. Is there free WIFI?
  4. Do I need a WIFI password?
  5. What time do I need to check out?
  6. Is there any chance I could get a late checkout?
  7. Do I need to pay now or should I pay when I check out?
  8. Do you have any vegetarian options on the menu?
  9. Is the meat halal/kosher/organic?
  10. What time does room service finish?
  11. Is there somewhere I can park my car?
  12. How much does the parking cost?
  13. Do you need to wear a swimming cap in the pool?
  14. Is there somewhere I can leave my luggage?
  15. Could you change my room, please? It smells of smoke.
  16. We have a baby. Do you have a travel cot that we could use?
  17. Could you book me a taxi for 9 o’ clock tomorrow morning?
  18. Could you bring a couple of extra towels to my room, please?
  19. What floor is the restaurant/gym/pool on?

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