Whether you work in a hotel or a restaurant, a resort or a cruise ship, hospitality professionals in every sector will be able to appreciate, relate to, and laugh along with these hidden gems on Netflix! Some great picks to add to your holiday watchlist!

1. Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby (2017)

The first season of Amazing Hotels is on Netflix with six episodes where hosts Giles Coren and Monica Galetti travel the world visiting some of the most spectacular hotels. Each episode gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes (from the back-of-house staff up to the CEOs) to run some of the world’s most amazing hotels.

2. Great World Hotels (2011)

Similar to Amazing Hotels, this 20-episode series (each about 20 minutes long) takes viewers to places like Mauritius, Dubai, Maldives, and Sri Lanka to features hotels known for luxury and adventure. Travel buffs and hospitality industry insiders alike will love the inside peak into these incredible locations. The series also does a good job of providing some historical context or references to many of the locations, which gives it a kind of documentary feel at times.

3. Fawlty Towers (1979)

This is classic British comedy at its best. John Cleese plays Basil Fawlty, an arrogant, rude, incompetent hotel owner who hilariously terrorizes his guests, staff (including maid and general manager played by co-creator Connie Booth), and wife. In 2000, the British Film Institute named it the best British TV show ever made. A must-see in general, but hotel insiders will laugh especially hard at this one.

4. This is Not What I Expected (2017)

Foodies, restaurant staff, and hotel employees alike will love this high-energy Chinese romantic comedy where a quirky sous chef crosses paths with a wealthy hotel acquisition specialist with incredibly high standards.

5. Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Ok, this one is for the kids. A brother and sister turn an abandoned hotel into a dog sanctuary and pet-run hotel. Let the cuteness and mishaps ensue.

6. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Who didn’t cheer when Anthony Bourdain finally came to Netflix? While the show doesn’t focus exclusively on hotels but rather, locations, this infamous travel series is a must-see for anyone in the tourism and hospitality industry. Bourdain’s poetic wit, insights, and willingness to get down and dirty at each exotic locale can lead to some serious binge watching.

7. An Idiot Abroad (2012)

Ricky Gervaise is behind the episodic comedy of what seems like one long practical joke as he and his partner, Stephen Merchant, send their “idiot” friend on a series of international trips and laugh as he bumbles his way across cultures, languages, and cities. More travel-related than hotel, this series is still hilariously well suited for anyone who deals with all types of guests on the regular.

8. Luxury Travel Show (2016)

From a hotel made entirely of ice in Sweden to classic Venetian luxury, each episode of this series take you to two different locations with a focus on showcasing luxury accommodations, local culture, and historical context.

9. I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (2015)

Foodies will love following the creator the American hit comedy Everybody Loves Raymond around the world as he explores, in his uniquely funny way, unusual dishes and culinary delights, sprinkled in with the celebrity guest or two (Martin Short makes an appearance in one episode, for example).

10. Foodies: The Culinary Jet Set (2014)

Hotel chefs, restaurant staff, and foodies alike will love this cerebral look at the growing and powerful “foodie” culture and subculture and the discerning bloggers that fuel it.

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